Name Has Changed, But The Service Is The Same

This past year the Akeley Church changed its name. It is now the Akeley Christian Fellowship Church. It was disaffiliated from the United Methodist Church. Other than the change of its name and a new pastor, most of what went on previously is still going on.

Pastor Rick Rohlin is now our pastor. We are currently involved in a Bible study about the miracles of Jesus that are written about in the book of John. Bible study is every other Thursday night. The next one will be on Maundy Thursday at 6:30 pm. It is not necessary for you to be a church member to attend.

Each year we have a clothing give away. There is a harvest dinner in the fall. We have done that as a drive through event. There is an ice cream social during the summer with hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the grill. There is also a pancake supper.

This weekend will be the annual Pancake Supper. It is a special time to socialize with friends and neighbors. It will be a sit down and eat event although if you prefer, you may also take advantage to take out. There will be pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, and homemade applesauce along with real maple syrup.

The idea of a pancake supper originated many years ago with the young couples’ group of the church running it. Sorry to say, but almost all of the people who started the event are now resting from their labors.

In the beginning the men ran the kitchen. They offered several types of eggs and pancakes. The men served all of the food with the women filling things in as needed and keeping the tables set up. The women also decorated the tables.

My husband told me about attending the dinner with his first wife. Anxious eyes watched from the kitchen as he was served. A buddy he bowled with saw to it that it was a night he would remember. When he went to cut into his pancakes, they were tough. He could not figure out why. It turned out that his friend inserted cardboard between his pancakes. Everyone in the kitchen laughed as he pulled it out.

Through the years there has been a need for change. The pancakes are still cooked by the men but everyone and I mean everyone, pitches it. The night before, the sausages are cooked. The next morning the eggs are started in a big electric roaster.

By time to begin serving everyone appears to pitch in mixing dough, cooking, cleaning up, and washing dishes. This year we will be serving from 4:00 – 6:30 p.m. There will also be a bake sale going on with lots of tasty treats for you to purchase and take home. The proceeds from the Bake Sale will benefit the annual Christmas Box mission sent to Operation Christmas Child. The church has sent 100 boxes for the past few years.

Beginning a new church takes a lot of planning. A dedicated committee saw us through it all. We now stand alone as an independent church. The members who belonged to the Akeley Church are still members of this new body. Anyone who would like to join us should contact us. We are open to new memberships. We are truly a church family. We support each other and help each other when needed.

We look forward to new things. Youth are a priority. We understand that if the church is to survive, we need to cultivate the interest of young people. We are looking for ways to achieve this. At an all church meeting the youth participated stating things that they would like to see happen.

The things that they suggested were certainly doable. They participated in a Christmas program that was enjoyed by all. They also celebrated Boy Scout Sunday by being part of the service.

We have a webpage for you to check out. It tells what is going on and when. Events are posted there.

Hope to see you at the Akeley Christian Fellowship Church Saturday, March 23, to enjoy pancakes and fellowship.

Ann Swanson writes from Russell. Contact her at hickoryheights1@verizon.net.


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