Things Have Flipped From The Former Days

How dare the Super Bowl have stadium walls to keep those who haven’t paid for a ticket from entering! What are the chances of an illegal alien being at the game? Better than yours?

Look at what you’re watching with shelters, hotels, schools, rec centers, airports, and hospitals stuffed full from the overflowing influx of illegals straining city budgets to the max. A health clinic was closed in Chicago due to lack of funds, but funds were found somewhere else to use the closed clinic for housing illegal immigrants.

Some citizens in sanctuary cities don’t want to be so sanctuary anymore.

If they’re equitable, those among the DEI crowd who say, “January 6 was an insurrection” must also admit that what’s happening at our broken border constitutes an invasion.

Losing track of nearly 100,000 children who crossed the border, federal authorities let in those on the terror watch list whose whereabouts is unknown.

With NYC handing out 53 million dollars worth a prepaid credit cards to illegal border-crossers, those in America demanding reparations watch as illegals get “preparations.” Would you blame fed-up New Yorkers for posting a huge sign around the neck of the Statue of Liberty saying, “No more illegal entry allowed?”

Things have flipped from the former days of the huddled masses. Cocky illegal aliens literally flipped off the public with a get-out-jail-free card for gang-assaulting NYPD officers patrolling the streets.

Free room, health care, food, transportation, cash and even cashless bail, the once huddled masses yearning to be free look more like hordes of young men yearning to freeload.

Immigrants orderly processed a century ago on Ellis Island without today’s technology available then makes Biden’s immigration policy appear like the foxes guarding the hen house, as young Chinese nationals increasingly sneak across our unsecured border with the help of Chinese-owned TikTok.

“I’ve done all that I can do,” said President Biden. Either our president is in chronic mental decline or he is not telling the truth. He can immediately undo the policies he reversed from the previous administration when the border was under control. He can gain control today by 1.) reinstating the stay in Mexico policy, 2.) rescinding “catch and release” and 3) restoring the building of the wall and it wouldn’t take 118 billion dollars in new legislation to do it either.

Demoralizing border patrol and police officers, turning the border into no border at all, and compelling beleaguered citizens to pony up for the illegality, the burgeoning problem recklessly mismanaged is consistent with the Cloward and Piven strategy hatched in Marxist academia in the 1960’s to overwhelm the system to take down America.

The message being sent to you is to tolerate it, stomach it and be a doormat for lawbreakers walking over you as you pay for it. Would you let others run your home that way and have the members of your family treated like that?

The insane nonsense by the leftists and elitists in power politically and academically must be confronted. They attack “America first” using illegal migrants as their pawns to make Americans the least.

Rewarding criminality is wrong. You treat the stranger wisely, righteously and fairly, but not at the unjust expense of hundreds of billions of dollars, chaos, and insecurity forced on your neighbor and especially your family.

The Rev. Mel McGinnis is a Frewsburg resident.


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