Bridging The Migrant Information Gap

As someone who has traveled parts of the Pan American Highway — a road that starts in Alaska and ends at the tip of Argentina — and who has spent a lot of time in South America, I’ve been keenly interested in the immigrant crisis at the United States border. I am familiar with the Darien Gap — a physical place between Panama and Columbia where the Pan American Highway ends for a stretch of 60 miles. It’s a swampy, rainy, mountainous jungle where the highway could not pass, but if you want to get to the U.S. from points south, you’re going to have to brave your way through it.

Brett Weinstein, a renowned American biologist, went to the Gap last week. He’s become an unintentional journalist of sorts in the past few years as he began offering up reports and opinions during the Covid fiasco. He did his graduate work in Central America, so he’s familiar with the culture and customs of the countries in the region.

What he witnessed at the Gap is nothing short of astounding. “One does not attempt to cross the Gap without careful preparation,” he offered in an interview last week with Tucker Carlson. “It’s a very treacherous journey and the difficulty of it should not be underrated.” People are robbed on this journey, he says, women are raped, and “lots of people are dying.”

Weinstein said he went down to the Gap thinking he would see a migration and perhaps an invasion, as some had been saying, and what he came away thinking is that it’s literally both.

Most people, he said, start in Ecuador because they don’t need a Visa to get into that country, so migrants from all over the world are getting themselves to Ecuador. Then they find their way through Colombia, move through the Darien Gap, and if they survive it, it’s a relatively easy journey from Panama to the United States border. But that’s not all that’s going on.

Weinstein said he went to several of, what he called, “transit stations” where people who have survived the Gap go to rest, heal and continue their journey. The migrants he encountered at these stations are from all over the world. Not only did he see migrants, he saw the hallmarks of an international community — NGO emblems (non-governmental organizations), American flags and signs proudly announcing the U.S. has paid for the water system and the toilets at the camp. Weinstein believes the United States is funding and facilitating this mass migration, as is an organization called the IOM — the International Organization For Migration, which is a branch of the United Nations that is pro migration, although they seem to be turning a blind eye to the massive humanitarian crisis taking place in the Darien Gap.

From Panama, the migrants board buses, and the countries in Central America, which I know from my own travels, have strict border enforcement, seem to be waving the migrant buses through.

At another Panamanian transit camp called San Vicente, all of the migrants were Chinese, according to Weinstein. Unlike other transit camps, Weinstein’s party was forbidden to go into the camp or engage with the Chinese Nationals. But the most striking thing to Weinstein was that the Chinese “migrants” were mostly male and of military age and there were absolutely no children present, unlike the other camps. He began to suspect that the Chinese migration was actually being cloaked, or made to look as if it were blending in with the massive South American migration.

And Weinstein was made aware by others that the Chinese Nationals were somehow able to avoid the Darien Gap, because they’re arriving to South America with money and are able to skip the Gap and get to Panama by boat.

What Weinstein came to believe is that there is massive migration at the U.S. border, but there is also an invasion taking place, which is a separate but succinct phenomenon. The mass migration is driven by the economic needs of the migrants, but the invasion, he speculates, using the presence of the Chinese camp in Panama as an example, is being hidden, and also paid for by governments, but he refused to openly speculate which governments.

When you take into consideration Senator Durgin of Illinois is suggesting illegal immigrants should be allowed to join the military, also taken with the fact that many highly skilled military personnel were kicked out of the Armed Forces for refusing the Covid vaccine, you have a conspiracy theory in the making here.

Given that millions upon millions of migrants have been waved through our southern border, and we have an administration that has done nothing about it — in fact, may even be promoting it, what are Americans left to think?

It should be obvious by now that we are being set up to face a vastly different world in the future. It is up to us to figure out what that means and sooner rather than later. Ask questions of your elected representatives. We deserve an answer. And so do your kids and grandkids.


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