It’s Three Weeks ‘Til Christmas

In three more weeks and two days more, Christmas will be here

Life gets a little different at this special time of year

Stores will see more shoppers seeking gifts to buy

For their friends or loved ones or our special girl or guy.

Carols will start pumping through our radios and phone

While decorations will be hung to make our homes adorned.

We’ll be hustling and bustling and our steps will pick up pace

And the smiles will start to broaden on so many peoples’ face.

Colors will be brighter, especially white and red, and green

And on fronts of churches and some lawns too, we’ll see Nativity Scenes.

And smaller children will behave much better just because

Their hopes and dreams will turn to thoughts of Good Old Santa Claus.

And people will reach down and deep and try to lend a hand

To help out folks, and groups, and such, and do all that they can.

Lawn displays will soon appear, some huge as can be

And folks will start to think about putting up their Christmas tree.

And the stores will stock more holiday food upon their shelves

And people will be stocking up as quick as Santa’s elves.

‘Cause no one wants to miss the chance to be as ready as can be

Making sure they have all faves of Mom, Dad, and Family.

Things may get quite hectic, as the time will pass with speed

Please don’t let the glitz and glam steal what we all need.

For Christmas seems to be a time, when people spread more cheer

With smiles, and handshakes, and Greetings of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Because with all these smiles, and laughs, and all this Brotherhood

It can’t be said by anyone that it doesn’t do hearts good.

There are lots of decisions that we all have to make

From what to buy, and what to wear, and what to cook, and bake

At times we get a little nervous with all we have to do

We may lose cool and act a fool but it’s not meant for you.

When we do get all caught up in gifts, and clothes, and food

We may end up insulting folks and acting somewhat rude.

But we don’t really mean to appear to be that surly way

We just want things to be perfect for all on Christmas Day.

But for the most part, most of us, at this special time

Are really very happy and excited, and sublime.

For most of us as Christmas Day gets closer and draws nearer

We start to focus on the meaning the day and things get a little clearer.

And as our minds start to travel back to that stable in that Little Town

We may begin to realize again for why the day’s renowned.

And the meaning of the day resounds at this special time and season

Because we realize why we celebrate and who’s the real reason.

Sometimes we forget, in all our attempts to make things perfect for short times during the Christmas Pre-Season, the real reason for the season and the celebration. The upcoming day is not about the what(s) (what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, what to buy), the where(s) (where to shop, where to travel, where to stay, where will we eat), or the when(s), or the how(s), either. Christmas Day is about the Who, the Child, and the Why, why He Came. If we can remember that, we will be gifted with Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men and Women, at least for a little while.

Pre-seasons in sports are to get ready physically, and mentally, and for the big day, Opening Day and the season that will follow. We are now beginning the Pre-Season of Christmas, and we need to prepare mentally and spiritually for December 25th. May we get as ready as can possibly be.

To those of other faiths and cultures who celebrate Hanukkah (which started yesterday and runs through the 15th) and Kwanzaa (which runs from Dec. 26, 2023 through Jan.1, 2024), may you too, be prepared to celebrate this time of year, and focus on the who(s) and why(s) you celebrate, and to those who may not celebrate any of these days, may you too, find Peace on this Earth and Goodwill toward each other. Peace to All!


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