Scooters Are A Bad Fit For City Streets

During the March 6, 2023, City Council meeting there was a presentation done by Bird.

I was not present at meeting, but watched at home. In my opinion, the scooters and bicycles would put a lot of stress on the traffic and policing problems already concerning the city of Jamestown. The company Bird was invented and launched in September 2017, the same year I was driving for Fasten, Fare, Get Me, Uber and Lyft in the city of Austin. Uber, Lyft and Lime also introduced scooters and bikes in the Austin area.

The scooters are left anywhere in the city, they are left there by past riders and not returned to their stations. I’ve seen people carrying them up the street and witnessed someone riding one while carrying a bicycle. I’ve seen broken ones just left on the side of the road and rode without helmets. These scooters are dangerous and with the traffic problems the city currently has, it makes me feel that this idea should be really thought out with a lot of questions asked before approved. It’s not rainbows and unicorns, it’s peoples lives and safety that we need to be concerned with.

While driving for Uber and other transportation companies I learned a lot, everything from running a business, customer service and mostly about traffic trends. Driving in the city of Austin with those scooters was just horrible; they are a hazard.

If they are allowed in the city of Jamestown, I suggest only allowing them on the Riverwalk. This would still give the public the opportunity to enjoy them and will not put people in danger or interfere with traffic patterns on the city streets. This would also give more people, like myself the opportunity to enjoy the trail that maybe can’t ambulate the whole trail, the bikes and scooters would give us means to do so. The Riverwalk is a beautiful pathway that the city has built. It’s become the home of events, pictures and more.

I think allowing scooter/bikes on regular city streets is a huge mistake and in the end could potentially cost the City of Jamestown money. During the presentation the gentleman explained how if you’re on government assistance, they have “community pricing” for individuals, they would ride for “half off” — so now at 20 cents a ride is the city only bringing in 10 cents? Also if they are promoting the use of “pre paid” credit cards how does that link a person with the scooter or bike?

I’m all for public transportation initiatives but in my opinion this is not the best option for Jamestown, will it fix the transportation problem? My is fear that this will only add additional work onto our police and fire departments that isn’t needed.

Melissa Paterniti is a Jamestown resident.


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