There Is Already ‘Meaningful’ Gun Control In New York State

Regarding the article in The Post-Journal “Accepting Reality Of Mass Shootings Allows Gun Violence to Continue.”

No one I know considers that to be “just a fact of life these days.” To use a tragedy such as the Buffalo incident as a attempt to make a point is just not right. Payton Gendron doesn’t deserve to live among us. He will get the death penalty in prison.

I don’t know what you meant by “meaningful gun control” and I am sure you didn’t either. You didn’t outline examples of more “meaningful gun control.” Here are some examples of laws currently on the books and what individuals must do in order to purchase and keep a firearm.

To purchase a long gun — long gun being a rifle or shotgun — you must fill out a 4473 form and answer 13 questions. An incorrect answer could get you 10 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine. This process also applies to all individual street sales or transfers.

Once the form is completed the dealer must submit the data to the FBI. The FBI will get back to dealer with a proceed, delayed (more investigation is needed), or a denied, (customer cannot possess a firearm).

Pistols are more complicated. You must apply and receive a Pistol Permit from the Sheriff’s Department. He will make the final decision. You will need finger prints, mug shots, references and proof of a pistol safety training course. The process takes about eight months. You must be a person without a criminal record or you will not be approved. The Sheriff Department will do a criminal background record check. You cannot have a pistol in your house or on your premises without a pistol permit.

If a person purchases two or more handguns with in a five-day period a Multiple Sale Form must be completed by the dealer and submitted to the Department of Justice by the close of the business day.

All firearms transactions must be registered in a federal book and made immediately available to an ATF agent for inspection. ATF agents inspect records unannounced and do so at their discretion. Violations could cost you your license.

I would like to see current regulations enforced more vigorously. I have sold thousands of firearms since 1988. Out of those thousands about 150 did not tell the truth about their past. None were prosecuted. Probably because of staffing shortages. Defunding police departments does not help our goal.

In 2021 firearms related deaths were around 45,000, which is inflated. Suicides where individuals used a firearm are include in that figure along with accidents. Many like to skew the facts to fit their narrative. Suicides represent more than 50% of that figure which is 22,500 and I’m being conservative.

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration nearly 43,000 people died on U.S. roads in 2021. That’s about double the about of firearm related deaths. Car accident deaths can be equally as brutal. According to the AAA after legalization of marijuana fatal accidents could increase by as much as 12% to 15%.

More than 108,000 people died from drug overdose in one year, however communities have legalized drug dispensaries. Didn’t see your article in the paper about that. Mine was though. A death is a death. You’re not more dead because a firearm was used.

Here is more “meaningful gun control.” If you have a confrontation with your mate and the police are called your firearms will be taken and returned at their discretion — sometimes two years later. If leave your pistol in your car and your vehicle is broken into you will lose your firearms and they might be returned at JPD’s discretion. If you brandish any firearm at any time (unless it’s self-defense) your firearms will be taken and might not be returned. If you bring a firearm on school grounds or other unauthorized places you will loose your firearm and face charges.

Dealers get calls from the FBI National Tracing Center regarding stolen firearms. Dealers work with law enforcement agencies and pass on information regarding suspicious requests for certain types of ammunition.

You were right about one thing though. You did offend some people because you are misinformed. I was happy to provide you with some information regarding “meaningful gun control.” Without information some people are dangerous. Their definition of “meaningful gun control” is total confiscation.

Bruce A. Piatz is a Jamestown resident.


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