County Fails Miserably In Rejecting Funds

A vocal group of people opposed to sane public health measures bullied the County Legislature this past week – and unfortunately won!

Earlier this year, Chautauqua County Executive P.J. Wendel successfully applied to the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), a not-for-profit organization, for a grant to aid the county’s public health officials address remaining COVID issues in our county.

The county was one of 40 successful applicants in the entire country.

The county was awarded a grant of $75,000 – all of it non-taxpayer money. The money would have supplemented the county’s overall taxpayer funded efforts to address COVID in our community.

What did our County Legislature Leadership do? All five of the legislature’s leadership, the Chair, the Majority and Minority Leaders, and their two respective Assistant Leaders led the charge to reject the grant assistance.


We’re told that this money was rejected “to protect children and minority residents” from oppressive public health officials – our public health officials.

The real reason?

Our legislative leadership cannot stand up to bullies.

As a 30-year Army veteran, I know what this is truly: Mission Failure.

We need our legislative leaders and those who blindly follow them to stand up for common sense in our government and stop kowtowing to bullies.

The leadership needs to bring the measure back if its not too late and do the right thing. Pass the measure and get the money!

Barbara Colt is a Brocton resident.


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