Use City’s COVID-19 Stimulus Funding To Fight Virus Locally

By Doug Champ

The COV Delta Variant replicates much faster then COV19. This variant of the COVID Virus becomes detectable four days after exposure compared with an average of six days in people contracting the original strain per the CDC. Vaccinated individuals also are testing positive and some develop symptoms but the vast majority are still protected from severe illness and death from COVID 19 per the CDC.

Any virus that appears as COVID and it’s variants strain now are here. They are not going to go away. The COVID 19 Virus and it’s Variations will be in the human circulation circle of viral pathogens forever.

On the last day of July Saturday the 31 Florida the now Epicenter of the Delta Variant reported 21,683 new COVID-19/ Delta Variant cases. The single highest daily COVID case count since the pandemic began 18 months ago. The seven day moving count average soared to 15,817 a more than 750% increase since July 1 this as reported by the CDC and the Miami Herald today.

The Monday August 2 Chautauqua County CoV Dashboard indicated that only 46% of all County Residents have received one dose of the CoVid Vaccine while only 43% Percent of all County Residents have been fully vaccinated with both doses. I believe the City of Jamestown will parallel those percentages.


During the past month, the COVID pandemic has roared back to life now with astonishing speed and frightening virulence crushing hopes for any quick end to this pandemic and presenting new challenges for all public health officials. New infections and hospital admissions are skyrocketing nationwide driven by this highly contagious Delta Variant, relatively low State by State vaccination coverage and the active resumption of social activities. At the same time, new evidence strongly suggest that even vaccinated individuals can catch and spread the virus. All these while our public health officials are struggling to persuade more Americans and those who want to become Americans to get vaccinated.


The City of Jamestown must immediately Commit and Launch a COVID 19/ DELTA VARIANT Mitigation and Protection Plan with and through its awarded Federal Rescue Funding. By using a relative small portion of the already received 14 million in rescue funding to mount a Citywide Virus Action Plan to arouse the significant of the human virus impacts of not being vaccinated. By using our existing Heath Care System and Public Health Officials both Local, County and State to initiate without hesitation this. local outreach effort.


I know eligibility of my fore mentions suggestions and their applications could prove a challenge but with the Delta Variant on the fast track to Jamestown and Chautauqua County we cannot waste time on this effort. If you say no more of our Citizens will indeed suffer the consequences.


1. Launch a Virus Mitigation and Containment Plan in the next 30 to 60 Days.

2. Award a $100 Per None Vaccinated Gift Card for all non alcoholic purchases to a Local Pharmacy or Grocery Store for every city confirmed resident of Jamestown who are age and health eligible for the vaccine and prove they got it.

3. Offer a $200 gift card for non-alcoholic purchases to a local pharmacy or grocery store to every household eligible resident, owner or rental, that can prove they have a fully vaccinated status for them and all age eligible household residents.

This effort will help to vaccinate and to assist most everyone in our City to buy food, health products and or Personal Protection Equipment and Supplies pending the forth coming virus surge.

For what is the real bases and cause for Jamestown in receiving this federal rescue funding of $28-plus million in the first place. I believe and it is verifiable by the Regulations and Federal Treasury eligibility guidelines that public health and citizen recovery and protection are number 1 on the list. We must contain and actively stop this coming virus spread. If not our community health and individual health and household family impacts will results in more citizens illness and potential of more lives lost.

Economic development choices, housing rehabilitation, neighborhood enhancement, new public facilities and entertainment ventures should and must be considered as second place finishers in respect to this impending virus fight and it’s containment.

If we do not invest in a City of Jamestown Virus Mitigation and Containment Plan an unknown number of are citizens in every age and station of life will never see or reap the sustainable benefits of any of this $28 million City of Jamestown Rescue Plan and all of its intended outcomes.

So I ask what are you prepared to do?

Doug Champ is a Jamestown resident.


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