Sunday, It’s A Gift That We Didn’t Know We Needed


There is just something about a Sunday that just does it for me. It’s the comfortable way it greets you with a warm embrace and a hot cup of coffee. The way the air feels on a Sunday is just so much more inviting than a droll Tuesday or finicky Thursday.

There’s church to be had, big breakfasts to be made and warm beds to sleep into a little longer. There are board games to play or football games to watch and so much food to be eaten. It’s like the Christmas of the days of the week.

If you’re like me, you tend to try to cram all your house work and errands into Saturday so you can enjoy the delight of Sunday. And really, there is a good reason for resting in the blessing of a Sabbath. Some might say the Sabbath is required of us — but I look at it this way — it is a gift that we didn’t know we needed.

In this hyper-driven, production oriented world we live in — we need a day of rest. Where we recharge, we reconnect with God and remember what we’re really here for. What is your purpose? You don’t exist merely to answer emails, take phone calls and do laundry until you die. There are moments and hours and days chock full of beauty and grace that you need to slow down and recognize.

And today, the Sunday that I am writing to you from, I recognized this deep need for rest and readjusting — so much so that my soul cried out with joy to the Lord when I laid down to sleep. “Thank God for Sundays,” I thought, being thankful for the slow and easy way the day had gone. Thank God for sharing meals with the kindred souls I am blessed to do life with.

Thank God for football games where the Bills win and all seems right in the world. Thank God for peanut butter and apples with my kiddos right before bed.

Thank God for calls with my parents and sister, checking in and enjoying a conversation.

The one thing COVID has taught me is that the time we are given is incredibly important — and we do not have in iota of control over when that time may end or when a strong upheaval will come and wreak havoc upon it. So, dear readers, I urge you today to join me in the Sabbath. Rest. Rejuvenate. Worship the Lord, and be at peace.


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