They Could Be Less Hostile

I take a sort of perverse glee listening to New York State Republicans, especially notorious Trump lackey, Tom Reed, whining about “one-party rule” in New York State. Mr. Reed, if you are reading, please run for governor in 2022.

I almost felt bad seeing Republican Legislators responses to the Governor’s State of the State address.

You could hear the fear in their voices as they prepare to get pummeled with all kinds of progressive legislation for the second year in a row. I can hardly blame all the GOP electeds jumping ship while they still have their reputations. They’re going extinct. I don’t feel too bad, though.

If the state GOP doesn’t like one-party rule they could try winning more elections. It is a novel idea. President Trump has a 90-something percent approval rating in his party. Yet in his home state 61 percent of residents disapprove of his performance as president compared to only 36 percent who approve according to Morning Consult.

It will be difficult to stay in business if they continue embracing unpopular people and unpopular positions.

Now I am not one to offer advice to Republicans. But they could adopt more popular positions. They could be less hostile to women’s rights and LGBTQ rights. They might consider being more welcoming to immigrants. Maybe they could develop plans to address climate change that differ from NYS Democrats.’ I am spit-balling here.

For some like newly-elected George Borrello and Andy Goodell in the minority, their cushy jobs will consist primarily of railing against the governor and “downstate interests” and maybe a few press conferences when they secure budget funding. Kudos to them. They don’t have the burden of developing and passing meaningful legislation to address the issues we face. They’ll be rewarded simply for denouncing Democrats. What a life.

I watch national Republicans cheer on another war in the Middle East. I watch religious conservatives encourage Donald Trump, the game show host, as he runs roughshod over the Constitution which he knows nothing about, and grow the deficit while dramatically increasing spending. All this against every principle the GOP supposedly held before 2016.

The fact is: Donald Trump and his ilk are increasingly repellent to the people of New York. And not just downstate. This year is going to have a high voter turnout which spells further disaster for the GOP in heavily Democratic enrolled New York. I won’t be shedding any tears. They have only themselves to blame.

Derek Smith is a Frewsburg native.