Another Side Of Border Argument

I read the article in the Sunday edition of The Post-Journal on June 30th entitled “Don’t Strip Migrants Of Their Humanity.”

The writer accuses the government of holding refugees in squalid camps, intentional cruelty and neglect, stripping immigrants of their humanity, labeling them illegals (which of course they are), accuses the White House of a policy of intentional cruelty as a deterrent to stop illegal immigration, separating children from their parents (if in fact the parents are legitimate parents) leaving them in overcrowded detention camps with improper food etc., etc., etc. The article was full of so much wrong information and too much hatred. If you want to come to the U.S. come legally or don’t come at all. Don’t blame us for enforcing our immigration laws.

The accommodations are not like the Waldorf Astoria but I will bet you they are a heck of a lot better than where they came from. The facilities were not designed to accommodate the large influx of illegals crossing our borders. We don’t have the resources that we need but not for the lack of trying.

Most of what the writer published was right out of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s play book, who is noted for making immature and idiotic statements that make her party cringe every time she opens her mouth. No worries though, according to Alexandria, the world is coming to an end in 12 years anyway. That was another one of her immature and idiotic statements.

Here’s another one of her dimwit statements, “the immigrants are forced to drink water out of the toilets.” This was a pure unadulterated lie. I guess when you have been a bartender and a waitress for many years you hear a lot of useful and important information and suggestions. The Green New Deal was another one that was so egregiously bad that not one Democrat voted for it. The bill was defeated 57-0.

I failed to figure out the point of the article because the message was somewhat discursive. More money? Yes, the White House has been asking for more humanitarian aide right along but AOC (who has voted no every time) along with her far left friends in the House of Representatives have denied the request for one reason and one reason only. The Democrats have forsaken their responsibilities to the American people for politics and, of course, votes. They are playing a dangerous game with our lives and the lives of our children and grand children.

The reference to concentration camps in any way shape or form is a stunning and frightening conclusion that can only be the result of misinformation and the lack of independent thinking. That is uncalled for.

Any other country would not tolerate an assault on their borders like the United States of America has. Our boys are changing diapers, feeding babies and cleaning toilets. There has never been an assault on our border like the one happening now.

If the gentleman truly believes in this nonsense then he agrees with the thinking of most of the Democrats which is open borders. That my friend will herald the end of the republic. Sixth grade math will tell you it will put us broke. Precisely what George Soros and cronies has been trying to do for many years.

If you hate President Trump you are entitled to have that emotion. However if you hate President Trump and publish wrong information many of us world appreciate it if you would keep it to yourself. You’re suffering from a disease called “too much CNN.”

Bruce Piatz is a Jamestown resident.