Many More Reasons To Hate Donald Trump

Under President Obama the stock market went from 8,000 to 20,000, the unemployment rate went from 10 percent to 4.7 percent, the monthly new job rate grew for 78 straight months to approximately 2 million new jobs year, more than any president ever. This was all during President Obama’s term.

Donald Trump took credit for this growth saying he was the one who turned around the economy, but as you can see from the facts, that was a lie.

Under President Obama environmental protections were put into place for cleaner air, cleaner water and setting aside more land for national forests to prevent logging and drilling. This had brought about the cleanest air and water we have had in decades.

Donald Trump has now overturned every one of those acts and now businesses can dump their waste in our streams, they can burn their dirty coal into our air and national forest lands are now going to be used for drilling oil and logging destroying our country for generations to come.

Under President Obama we had strong relationships with our allies with NATO agreements, the Paris Climate accord, the Iran nuclear deal, etc, etc. And we were well-loved by our allies and considered the leader of the free world

Donald Trump has discontinued our membership in the Climate Accord, the Iran nuclear deal and is in the process of destroying NATO. America is now considered a laughingstock around the world and our hated by Canada, Mexico, our European Allies, etc.

Under President Obama the dictators of the world such as Russia, N. Korea, China, Iran were put in their place and sanctioned for the bad behavior of nuclear armaments, usurping other countries such as Crimea, etc. We were strong and respected.

Donald Trump now cozies up to the dictator-run countries and hands them things they want on a silver platter, getting nothing in return, such as no defense missions in the Korean Peninsula, telling Putin that Donald Trump believes he didn’t meddle in our election and he’s OK about Crimea and allowing Iran to now develop their nuclear weapons.

In addition, Donald Trump is now in the process of destroying our economy by enacting a $1.3 trillion tax cut that went to businesses and the rich, not to the working man, and added that $1.3 trillion to our debt. He has enacted tariffs that are raising prices for consumers and making companies like Harley Davidson move to other countries because the tariffs will hurt their business.

Donald Trump stated he would forgo his salary and give it back to the treasury, but the reality is by not divesting from his businesses he has now pocketed $40 million in his first year in office through payments to Mar-a-Lago that he doubled and to his hotel in Washington which is being used by foreign diplomats seeking favor (and illegal activity for a president). Even his $400,000 salary was not given back to the treasury. The actual amount he gave back was $151,000, only one-third of his salary last year. In other words, he has profited by $40.25 million just in his first year in office. He also spent over one-third of his time in his first year playing golf. His Cabinet members are the swampiest we have ever seen, using taxpayer money for private flights, secret phone booths in their offices, getting jobs for their spouses, etc. The graft, crime, and outright flouting of our laws has never been more obvious.

I won’t even get into the 19 indictments, the five guilty pleas and the investigations going on about possible election fraud right up to treason.

These are the many reasons why people dislike Donald Trump, and I only mentioned a few.

Candace Huber is a Jamestown resident.