Despicable May Be Too Kind

For some unknown reason the folks a MSNBC seem to think that it is their duty to have Tom Reed on at least a few times a week as the voice of reason in the Republican Party. Today (Feb. 28, 2018) between the 1:45 p.m. and 1:50 p.m. segment Congressman Reed made his appearance and was asked by the reporter what his position was on raising the age to 21 for a person to purchase an assault rifle. He thought, and I quote, “That would be a bridge too far.” You might want to let that one sink in a bit before reading on.

He also made sure that anytime he referred to the latest shooter in Florida as “The Terrorist Nikolas Cruz.” He further postulated that he is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and that the events in Florida were a result of the failure of both the police and the mental health system.

Have you no shame, Tom Reed?

The only “Bridge Too Far” for me is any consideration of you to be returned to Congress. Whoever wins the primary as your opponent in June is eminently more qualified and humane to propose and enact legislation to protect the nation’s kids. Your far right wants only to consider mental health of the shooter as the cause of mass shootings. You and your like-minded colleagues take this position to keep the flow of NRA and NRA supporter’s money coming.

Check the news. Dick’s Sporting Goods announced today that they will no longer sell AR-15 style weapons in their stores. Good for them. This is a rational approach to the existing problem. We can only hope that other retailers will follow suit.

So, what can you as an average citizen do? Call Tom Reed’s office and let him know that his position is not one shared by you. Tell him that your support is contingent on him not accepting any more NRA and NRA backed money. Demand that he support legislation that supports strengthening background checks and raising the age to 21 for a person to by any weapon, especially assault weapons, that only have one purpose. That purpose is to kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible. Let him know that his job depends on him taking these actions. No free ride this time around.

You sir, are a coward hiding behind the Second Amendment for you own enrichment.

I am a responsible gun owner and you sir are, in the word of Daffy Duck, “DITHSPICABLE.”

Jim Walton is a gun owner and is licensed in both New York and Pennsylvania to carry concealed.