Pray For Sweden, The Swedish People, And Sverigedemokraterna

In her op-ed titled “What’s Up With Rape in Sweden?” from the February 27th issue of The Post-Journal, Mona Charen is to be commended for crediting President Trump for recently raising awareness about the ghastly problems native ethnic Swedes are experiencing in response to years of elective taxpayer-funded mass Islamic third-world immigration to their country, foisted on them by their own government.

She also correctly takes to task the snarky, intentionally intellectually dishonest media talking heads and politicians who make a great show of feigning ignorance over what Trump was referring to with his public comments about Sweden. “Oh whatever could Trump have been talking about? We’re so confused!” Give me a break. In April an Islamic Muslim immigrant terrorist (a.k.a. “refugee”) deliberately drove a stolen beer truck — quite explicitly in the name of Islam — into a crowd of Swedish citizens on the bustling streets of Stockholm.

Charen herself also engages in intellectual dishonesty later in the same editorial, however, attempting to downplay the patent existential threat of Islam and Muslim immigration to Sweden and Swedes, presumably in an attempt to avoid contributing to a backlash against Islam and Muslims. Well, there should be a backlash. A pronounced backlash. As soon as possible.

Jimmie Akesson, party leader for the Nordic nation’s patriotic Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna, or simply “SD”), and his second-in-command Mattias Karlsson, provided an editorial in the February 23rd edition of The Wall Street Journal, “Trump is Right: Sweden’s Embrace of Refugees Isn’t Working,” in which they point out that “Trump did not exaggerate Sweden’s current problems. If anything, he understated them,” that “eighty percent of those who came to Sweden in 2015 lacked passports and identification but a majority came from Muslim nations,” and that “Islam has become Sweden’s second-largest religion.”

Akesson and Karlsson’s good editorial is available to download and print out for free here: (scroll down to the PDF icon on the left and click on the “Download original PDF file” link).

Despite Charen’s efforts to cast herself as the wise level-headed centrist, and to stigmatize SD and downplay their influence, SD — who seek to discontinue mass Islamic immigration — are in fact poised to become Sweden’s largest political party following the next national election in September of 2018, with Akesson becoming Sweden’s next prime minister.

Charen writes of SD that they “earned only 3 percent support in 2010,” and that they are “polling at around 18 percent” today. As Charen knows, she understates both numbers, reminiscent of last year’s Fake News industry here in the U.S. constantly bombarding us with various forms of the contrived activist assertion that “Trump can’t possibly win.”

In fact, SD won representation in the riksdag (Swedish parliament) in 2010 by earning six (not three) percent of the vote, and today they typically poll over 25 percent, often ahead of the big two Moderate party and Social Democrat (socialist) party.

SD is the only party in Sweden who (like Trump) recognizes and embraces a fundamental truth: the first and highest responsibility of the government of any nation is to the socioeconomic well-being of its own people. Not Iraqi nationals. Not Somali nationals. Not Syrian nationals. Native Swedes – the people who built the country over the millennia, and to whom Sweden belongs.

For years, just like in the U.S., the militantly politically-correct Fake News monopoly in Sweden has been attempting by the power of suggestion to control the narrative, and public opinion. Prior to Sweden’s 2010 election, media outlets swore up and down that SD was a “fringe” party who could never achieve the minimum four percent needed to win representation in the riksdag.

Following that failed prediction, the narrative became that SD is still just a fringe party, that it was a fluke that they gained entry into the riksdag, that they would never rise above six percent support, and that they may well drop out of the riksdag as a result of the 2014 election as their ephemeral support wanes. In 2014 they won 13 percent and officially became the third largest party in Sweden’s multi-party system.

Since 2014 every imaginable excuse has been employed to downplay SD’s success and to try to stem their rapid growth. The media tactic became asserting that 12 percent was probably the “ceiling” of support for SD. But they keep rising in the polls. Since they seem to be at least doubling their support with each successive election, and bearing in mind what current polling is suggesting, it would not be surprising to see SD break the 30 percent threshold and in the process become Sweden’s largest and most powerful party in 2018.

For the sake of the Swedish people and their descendents — the real Swedes, not the “new Swedes” — we can only hope and pray that will be the case.

Newkirk L. Johnson is a Swedish-American residing in Warren, Pa.