Repeat Drug Offenders Should Be Ostracized From Civilization

The increasing epidemic of illegal drug use, dealing and manufacture is beyond alarming. Our state and federal lawmakers are once again doing the useless talking about spending more money on more programs that will only appear to be helping, but in reality will never fix the problem. As a former nicotine addict for 30 years, I have experienced the entrapment of a legal drug and can therefore relate to the illegal drug addiction that increasing numbers of our fellow Americans are succumbing to. While proven programs to help the addicted become clean are worthy, the primary effort in combating drugs must be in eradicating the availability of the drugs by targeting suppliers, dealers and illicit manufacturers. If the availability of illegal drugs can be dried up, it will be much harder for new victims to begin the enslavement to drug use and a ruined life.

I have a common sense solution to crush the illegal drug epidemic that has destroyed millions of American lives. Common sense seems to be in short supply in America today, as evidenced by many of our elected public servants. The politician’s results show problems keep increasing along with higher taxes and spending. New York state and the U.S. government can solve this murderous and violent drug epidemic with a simple and cost-effective plan. My plan might sound cruel and harsh, but in comparison to the destruction of lives that drugs have done, I believe my simple, cost-effective plan is a fair solution for not only the direct victims of illegal drugs, but also the indirect victims, the taxpayers who have to pay financially.

My plan would be a mandatory prison term for a first conviction of dealing, supplying or manufacturing illegal drugs. While the convicted prisoner is serving their time, they will be instructed on what will be their ultimate fate should they ever be convicted again. Their next conviction would land them on a deserted and desolate island with other repeat dealers, for the rest of their life. The island would be designed to be unapproachable by rescuers, utilizing modern technology to prevent any escape. Manpower to guard the island could be a minimal expense. The repeat offender would be given a fishing pole and some vegetable seeds for a food garden, period. This is more than they ever gave to their victims so the repeat convict should have a better chance of survival. No one should care about these useless two-legged animals that only know how to destroy others. Eventually this plan would rid the country of drug dealers at a minimal cost and dry up the supply so that new users cannot easily obtain a product to ruin their life and the lives of those who love them. Is my plan cruel? No more so than the current cruel chaos in our neighborhoods. Will any public official consider this common sense solution? It is hard to find someone with common sense that is willing to change the status quo, but I can still hope.

Philip Caflisch is a Lakewood resident.