Former Coach Requests An End To Running Up The Score In Soccer Games

Readers' Forum

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am asking all high school soccer coaches to rethink the policy of allowing scores like 10 or 12 to nothing to happen.

In order to start soccer in this county and in Cattaraugus County the coaches really worked together back in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. I could give you many many examples but not running up the score would be just one of them.

I know the old argument about Jeff scoring the only goal of his career in one of those lopsided games but I doubt it made him happy for more than a few minutes. So coaches, I encourage you to have your team work on skills and concepts if you reach a 7-0 lead and shoot only from way outside the box so that the other team can have possession of the ball once in a while.




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