Actively Engage In Campaigns This Election Season

Readers' Forum

To The Reader’s Forum:

As Jamestown native Robert H. Jackson wisely noted, “There is no such thing as an achieved liberty: like electricity, there can be no substantial storage, and it must be generated as it is enjoyed, or the lights go out.” In the spirit of his words, I write to underscore the importance of civic engagement during election season.

Election season is a time that beckons us to the forefront of our civic duties. It’s a season where the pulse of our democracy quickens, and the stakes for our community are defined by the choices we make at the ballot box. It is a time when the power to shape our community’s future is placed firmly in our hands.

In this charged atmosphere, let us eschew the perils of tribalism and divisive party politics that can fracture our community. Instead, let’s focus on the essence of leadership itself — on who can be bold, empathetic, thoughtful and, most importantly, the best leader to guide our city to the future. Let us open our hearts and keep our eyes clear, for in doing so, we stand to gain an invaluable perspective. A perspective that may change how we look at the world.

It is not enough to stand on the sidelines or resort to negative comments on social media posts. We must show up, in person or through our ballots and engage meaningfully with the candidates who seek to represent us. In embracing this election season, we become integral components of the solution, contributing to the vitality of our democratic processes rather than adding to the cacophony of criticism.

Our civic duty is to ensure that liberty and democracy thrive in our society. As we participate in the upcoming local election, let us remember the words and work of Robert H. Jackson and the enduring truth they hold. By actively engaging, being informed and casting our votes, we support liberty and fortify the foundation of our democracy.

Together, we can ensure that civic engagement flourishes, that our democracy thrives and that our city prospers under our chosen leadership. Choose wisely. Jamestown depends on you.



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