Why Spend Dollars Globally When There Is So Much Need Here?

Readers' Forum

To The Reader’s Forum:

I read the article in The Post-Journal about “City Prepares For Opening Of Emergency Homeless Sheltering.” I was happy to see that someone was doing something to help our homeless population. Stop and think about the millions and billions of dollars we give other countries. Many of them hate the USA but we still give them money and aid every year.

Homelessness in the United States of America, or people without a home, is currently over half a million. In fact, the 2020 figure according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development is 580,185.

The money we give to corrupt countries knowing they are corrupt and hate the USA could and should be spent here to help our own. The homeless does not mean just drug addicts and dirty people. It also means families with children who desperately need help in order to survive and live a decent life.

I would like to thank the Mayor and City Council for stepping up to plate and doing something for the unfortunate.

Someone needs to do an article to educate me about why we give so much money to other countries when there is so much to be done here.



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