Thanks To Those Working On Women’s Shelter In Jamestown

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To The Reader’s Forum:

I am so pleased to see a women’s shelter being established in Jamestown so women with mental health, drug, physical, financial issues will know there is a place with a warm, dry bed to sleep on – if only a cot, bathroom and laundry facilities available – and social workers to help them address their issues – and eventually obtain a job and a permanent place to call home. This assurance of a safe environment is the first and a huge step toward dealing with their problems.

There have been articles in the P-J recently of how the area churches can become involved with the issue of homelessness in our area. I think they most certainly can be of tremendous help. Visiting the homeless on the streets and at St. Susuan’s Kitchen possibly, relating to them the love of God and how they can have a personal relationship with the Lord that will be supportive in their struggles, transporting them to church services and functions, providing them with emotional support through friendship, and giving them a sense of belonging, stability and possibly providing them with clothes and personal care items and food/drink.

Thank you to those who have been instrumental in helping to establish the women’s shelter and for expediting it.



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