Why Is Government Dictating Anyone’s Pay?

Readers' Forum

To The Reader’s Forum:

The New York state government has just decreed that farm workers will be limited to the same 40 hour work week as urban workers. The most significant dichotomy in American society has always been rural vs urban, not black vs white, male vs female, or rich vs poor. The state Democrats know nothing and care nothing about agriculture and see no reason anyone should.

New York Democrats obliterated the entire petroleum industry in the state as a love gift to “green” zealots. Agriculture is the next target. This time the motive is to please labor unions. New York agriculture will be limited to huge corporate unionized farms. The corporate owners and managers, the unionized workers, and the union organizations themselves will all contribute to the Democratic Party. Whether food gets produced is of no concern, much less what it might cost. If you starve, you deserve it, because you are racist. The abandoned land will brighten the dreams of the green Pharisees who all “love animals” and some of it will enrich politically cozy solar and windmill companies who use union labor to construct their costly, wasteful, impractical monstrosities.

Just why is government dictating what anybody, rural or urban, can pay or what they can accept for labor or anything else in the first place?



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