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We Need To Remember What Happened On Jan. 6

To The Reader’s Forum:

Remember January 6, 2021. Officer Mike Fanone of the DC Metropolitan Police implores us to do so. He voted for Donald Trump; he believed Trump represented him; he is no “liberal”. As a dedicated cop, he vowed to defend the rule of law and came to the aid of fellow officers defending the US Capitol from an assault instigated by then President Trump, whose ego couldn’t accept losing an election. He was beaten and tased by an angry mob, suffered a heart attack as a result, and nearly died. He had to plead for his life.

All of Congress, as well as the Vice President were hurried to safety, most feeling their lives could be in jeopardy. Perhaps you recall the chant “Hang Mike Pence” and “Nancy [Pelosi] where are you”. Perhaps you’ve seen video of officers resisting assaulters, some screaming in pain, while others distracted those who breached the building. Pictures and video abound of Secret Service agents, Capitol and Metropolitan Police defending breaches of the building with weapons – one assaulter was shot dead. Many people were injured and several died afterwards. Remember January 6, 2021.

The Capitol assault was not simply a protest; it was an attack against the fabric of democracy. People have the right to redress grievances against the government. They can use, and have used, conspiracy theories and lies as part of their grievances, but marches and signs should, normally, be the end of protest. Trump had used every legal option to protest his election loss – there was only one final option – the illegal assault on the VP and Congress who were certifying the election results. It is no wonder why the assault is called an “insurrection” – it is an illegal attack against Congress by not only citizens, but by the President, the leader of the Executive Branch. So-called leaders “lead”; Trump told people he would lead them, but instead returned, cowardly, to the safety of the White House. Remember January 6, 2021.

Even those who publicly say Trump is responsible have prevented a bipartisan review of what occurred and why. They are using fear of political reprisal as a roadblock. They refuse to understand and express the truth. All Fanone wants is to defend his and his colleagues’ actions and to have the truth of the assault revealed. In order to have that happen we need to remember January 6, 2021.

Paul L. Demler



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