Raise A Hand And Thank Health Care Workers

To The Reader’s Forum:

Today is a day to raise a hand and say “Thanks” to all the healthcare workers who have lost their jobs and all of those who stand to lose their jobs in the coming days. All those who have given their very best, during uncertain and fearful times of COVID 19. Those who have been on the front lines every day for their patients who needed them and held the hands of the sick and dying when family members couldn’t. Those who worked tirelessly day after day and hour after hour risking their own life without proper protective equipment and sufficient staff. Those men and women who we named as “Heroes”, because of their dedication are now given a choice to get vaccinated or get fired

The healthcare workers who have given most of their life to help others are now being pushed out of their jobs because of their beliefs and convictions.

Our leaders certainly haven’t given much thought to what this could mean for the rest of us. They expected all these men and women would conform and back away from their own personal health issues and beliefs. They never considered the healthcare crisis that we may be facing if our heroes of 18 months ago are no longer able to go to their jobs. In an already overwhelming shortage of healthcare workers, this will create an even bigger crisis in healthcare, amid a pandemic. We will be losing some of our best healthcare workers and everyone will be affected by this untimely mandate. It will not only affect all the hospitals in New York state, it will also leave our nursing homes and home care patients without sufficient staff to care for them or our loved ones. Smaller hospitals and nursing homes may be forced to close their doors and turn people away.

While receiving the COVID vaccination may be a good choice for many people, it may not be for others. What happened to free choice? I just wonder if this is really the time to mandate that our healthcare workers be vaccinated, amid a pandemic? After all, the unvaccinated healthcare workers are only putting themselves at risk. Won’t this create an even bigger healthcare crisis? Who will be at the bedside to care for you or your loved one? A very, very sad time!

Lidia Williams

Bemus Point


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