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To The Reader’s Forum:

The older I get, the more I marvel at how people think. Many of my friends refuse to get the COVID vaccination.

I ask them why. They know of or heard of someone who had a bad reaction they say. I got it and had hardly any reaction so if the other fellow is a reason to not get it, why am I not a reason to get it? Then they tell me it wasn’t tested properly. About 860 million people have been vaccinated by now. How big was the test you wanted to run? Then they say it isn’t a real vaccine or isn’t like other vaccines.

Really? How do you know so much about vaccines and so what? Then the real reason comes out. They don’t trust the government or don’t like the government.

Well, I don’t either. So why is that a reason you should get sick or die. The vaccines are 95% effective or better and that’s not good enough. So talk to people who advocate homeopathy and supplements that are zero percent effective.

Norman P. Carlson,



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