Nursing Homes Enforce The Distance Rule

To the Readers’ Forum:

When are we going to be able to get close to our loved ones? We still have to wear masks, which I understand if your not vaccinated.

But why do we still have to stay 6 feet apart during our visits? Even during outside visits?

My loved one has been vaccinated and so has the rest of our family, yet we have to stay 6 feet apart while there are employees at these nursing homes who are not vaccinated taking care of our family members. Vaccinations should be manditory if you work in a health care facility.

I think every nursing home is making their own rules besides what the CDC says. We didn’t start visiting until this year and now the rules everywhere are being lifted except nursing homes.

I understand being cautious, but I would be happy to show my vaccination card at the door every time I visit, and wear my mask instead of sitting in a room with a big table between us at least 6 feet apart with someone watching us to make sure we don’t get any closer. I want to see her room. I want to meet her roommate. I want to see the people taking care of her, and I want to sit next to her and have a conversation where we can both hear each other.

We want to be able to touch her and she wants to be able to touch us. She needs these things. Now at the home where she is at, the people are very nice and take very good care of her from what I can see. The people in charge of visiting are very nice, they are just following orders. Start screening for vaccinated people. We all should not have to suffer for the people who are not vaccinated.

Lynne Nelson,



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