‘Diversity’ In The USA Is Presently Impossible

To The Reader’s Forum:

A few weeks ago I heard the results of a survey revealing that out of over 100 professional financial advisers, only two were Black. Of course, the commentators said we need more “Diversity.” We would have Diversity in every part of our society if we had “Freedom in Education” in the USA!

All we have are free public schools for students who do not have the chance or desire to attend a private school. Poor Blacks, Hispanics and whites trapped in the failing inner-city public schools are the big losers.

About 15 years ago NPR reported that it cost $20,000 to teach a student in the failing Buffalo Public schools, but only $5,000 for each of the over 16,000 students in the very successful Catholic schools.

How about at least $5,000 vouchers for inner-city school students? However, this bit of “Freedom in Education” is impossible because of the destructive alliance between the Democratic Party and Teachers’ Unions.

“Diversity” in the USA is presently impossible!

Robert G. Pumford,



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