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Who Is Eligible And Who Is Not? That Is The Question

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am puzzled to understand why someone at the Chautauqua Department of the Aging can determine who is eligible vs. non eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination. During the week of March 8, 2021, the Chautauqua Department of the Aging conducted a vaccination clinic.

I wish someone with authority can explain to me why only residents of Chautauqua county were eligible for the vaccination. l tried to make an appointment at the Department of the Aging vaccination clinic in Chautauqua County last week, but l was told no, because I am a resident of Cattaraugus County. Why do some counties restrict who receives the vaccinations by zip codes or counties and some don’t? Please explain to me why the vaccination clinic at this agency was restricted by the county of residence? l was under the impression that the NY State wanted to vaccinate as many residents as possible. It seems like this lady at the Department of Aging was given very little authority, and it went straight to her head. lt’s very sad to hear individuals in this position are making such important decisions.

A week ago, Cattaraugus County conducted a vaccination clinic which over 3,500 vaccinations were administered. The purpose of the ?ve-day vaccination clinic was to vaccinate residents of Cattaraugus, Chautauqua and Allegany counties. Even though this was the plan of the ?ve-day clinic, residents from Erie County accounted for 30% of the vaccinations. Also, at the ?ve-day Covid-19 vaccination clinic, an individual was vaccinated that is a resident of Dutchess County. Health of?cials from Cattaraugus, Allegany and Chautauqua counties had envisioned the state mass vaccination clinic would focus on residents of the three counties, which are far below state and national vaccination rates. If this was the case, why were 30% of the people vaccinated from Erie County?

Joe Teresi,



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