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Some ‘Can’t Adjust’ To Imposed Changes

To The Reader’s Forum:

I laugh sardonically at Dr. Jeffrey Victor’s condescending letter in today’s Post-Journal. He wants to “understand the origins of the kind of political violence we all saw in the mob that broke into our capitol building.”

Maybe I can help him.

It is obvious to me that elements of conservative and pro-Trump people finally learned to imitate their enemies. I just wonder what took them so long.

Dr. Victor is upset that 39% of Republicans in one poll “justify political violence.” I wonder why he has so much trouble understanding why I have been so upset all my life after hearing left wing radicals in my youth plotting not only violence but world wide revolution and genocide, and not just plotting it but trying to initiate it then following up their failure with war by other means.

Yes, Dr. Victor, some of us “can’t adjust” to a lot of the changes that have been imposed on us by your coercive utopian and just plan psychotic power and destruction happy friends. This has become a horribly ugly and dystopian world in my lifetime and I hate it and bitterly resent the people who have brought it about. And as far as all the horribly maltreated minorities that you and your friends use as cover for your power lust, I will admit we didn’t always treat them very well. Just who on earth or in history did treat less powerful identifiable groups well? But we treated them a hell of a lot better than they intend to treat us.

Norman P. Carlson



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