Funeral Home Thankful For A ‘Job Well Done’

To The Reader’s Forum:

The nearly universal response to the loss of the beautiful trees on Third Street was grief, disappointment and for some, anger. The difficult decision made by city leaders and arborist Dan Stone must have been made easier knowing that Jamestown has a well-trained team at the Parks and Recreation Department who were tasked with this unenviable project.

Having a front row seat, we watched as 2 crews cut down these 100-year-old, diseased giants. It was like a well-rehearsed choreographed dance. When team members were moving, equipment was not and vice versa. When chainsaws were cutting, team members were looking up. It has been reported that there was not a single injury throughout the job.

Another impressive element was the fact that the Parks Department called the funeral home every morning to ask about any funeral services that day. Out of respect, if funerals were scheduled, they would move their work to the other end of the Third Street so as to not interfere with families who had suffered a loss. What a considerate and helpful thing to do.

Thank you to all involved for a job well done.

Gary Kindberg

Lind Funeral Home, Inc.


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