Does Tom Reed Support The Will Of The People?

To The Reader’s Forum:

Every voting senate and house republican voted “No” on the COVID Relief bill vote last week. Tom Reed R-N.Y., our representative joined that group with his “No”vote.

Tom Reed knows full well that the majority of Americans support that legislation, including 59% of middle class and poor Republicans. That translates to a “No” vote against the “will of the people.” Does Tom Reed oppose the “will of the people?” Does Tom Reed oppose the following provisions of that much needed legislation — reducing child poverty by 50%; reducing overall poverty by 30%; a $1,400 check to most Americans to address our shattered economy; extending unemployment benefits to over 11 million out of work Americans?

Does he oppose protection from eviction for millions of Americans, including his own constituents; a long-awaited national plan to defeat this killer pandemic that has claimed 540,000 American lives; dollars to guarantee sufficient vaccine for every American by summer as promised by our president; financial support for states in need, including Tom Reed’s own state, our state.

I would remind Tom that New York is one of few states that returns more dollars to the Fed than we receive in financial aid. That should lay to rest the foolish Republican labeling of this bill as a “democrat state bailout” — does Tom Reed oppose financial aid for small businesses struggling to survive; financial relief for heads of families struggling to feed their hungry families; safe-school reopening.

Tom Reed also cast a “No” vote yesterday on gun safety legislation that would demand background checks on all gun purchases. That bill however passed the House — again with support from the majority of concerned Americans – again the “will of the people” was ignored.

President Biden campaigned successfully on represent all Americans, unity and a hope that our country can come together. Does Tom Reed support the will of the people? Who does Tom Reed support?

Sam Sabino



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