People Of Georgia’s 14th Congressional Make Decision Who Will Occupy That Seat

To The Reader’s Forum:

First, let me say that l am neither a Democrat nor a Republican.

I am a registered Libertarian and l have no love for either of the major parties. Your editorial of Feb. 10 criticizing Rep. Tom Reed for his failure to try to remove another elected member of the House of Representatives seems to me to be extremely misguided. Your stated premise is that Rep. Reed should base his actions on his perceived personal interests.

What about his oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the United States? Who decides who represents the 14th congressional district of Georgia? I contend that that choice belongs to the people of that district who elected her by a substantial majority. They deserve their representation.

Whatever her opinions, she has a right to them and a right, within legal bounds, to express them. lf the voters in her district decide that they wish to remove her they can do so in the election next year. ln the mean time she should be able to express her fringe right wing views in the same way that many Democrat representatives express comparable fringe left wing views.

Robert Peterson,



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