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Please Thank Caring Funeral Directors

To The Reader’s Forum:

I want to commend The Post-Journal for drawing our attention to the important service that funeral homes are providing in midst of this pandemic (in this past Sunday edition, “A Somber Result”).

We are collectively grieving numerous material and immaterial losses this year during this global pandemic–especially those families who have lost a loved one. In the midst of this loss, it is easy to neglect our frontline caretakers. We have cheered on medical professionals and others who have tended to us.

Unfortunately, the stigma of death often prompts us to neglect the funeral workers who are not only overworked but constantly and acutely grieving with their clientele. As a pastor, I work with many of the area funeral homes and I see firsthand how their caring work brings solace to many.

Even as we grieve, may we celebrate our community wealth of caring funeral home directors. In my personal opinion, there is no area in the country that has such wealth in this area. There is no better or more caring funeral home than Lind’s. On behalf of my congregation and personally, I want to thank all of the funeral directors who are caring for our community in this pandemic. Your presence makes us better.

The Rev. Luke Fodor



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