Kicking The Public Out For Voting Is Unacceptable

Once again, the NCC and The Gebbie Foundation have shown their disdain for the people of Jamestown. According to the agreement with the DOT, when the train station was restored for the use by the people of Jamestown, it stipulated the public shall not be kept out of the train station lobby anytime the lobby is open.

Look at the language the NCC uses towards the people of Jamestown — “(the NCC) will insist that you find an alternate location in the future as it is a hardship going forward. It is not open for discussion…”

Are they kidding us? This is rich considering the NCC somehow got possession of the train station for free. That transaction was never discussed in public, and to this day has never really been explained, to the best of my knowledge, to the public.

Kicking the public out for voting is unacceptable. Shame on the NCC. First they took over the train station, then they threw CARTS off the premises, and now they have forbidden the sacred duty of every citizen to vote in their lobby. They act like bullies. When will the city push back? I ask Vickye James, the Ward 3 councilmember, to push back hard against this. The people of Ward 3 do not deserve to be kicked out of this building.

From the beginning I have been writing about the NCC and its relationship with the people of Jamestown. Their hosts. I am all for the museum, but it will not succeed unless, and until, the people of Jamestown feel included in a meaningful way, and are treated with respect.

Tom Andolora



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