The Republican Party Deserves Better

To The Reader’s Forum:

Donald Trump has done more damage to the U.S. Republic, the Presidency and the Republican Party than two world wars and all the efforts of the Communist Party combined. His lies have been documented to number over 20,000 just since his election in 2000.

His assault on the electoral system, without evidence, is unprecedented and, hopefully, will never be repeated.

Trump’s claims of massive fraud are a product of his narcissistic paranoia. He has provided absolutely no credible evidence. There have been no arrests, indictments or prosecutions. He continues to spew lies and his poor, uneducated base just eats it up and sends him money they can ill afford while he would not even shake their hand. And the deluded rich people who support him continue to do so even through he will ‘throw them under the bus’ the moment they do not support his words and actions.

He claims to be the law and order president. Yet he authorizes unidentified officers in unmarked vans to make illegal arrests and detaimments of peaceful protesters. He authorized tear gas to remove peaceful citizens from a park so he could do a photo-op holding a Bible (upside down) he never read. Of course he doesn’t read much of anything, which is evident from the poor vocabulary he exhibits.

I cannot and will not support a person so lacking the moral fiber or empathy for the citizens he was elected to represent and lead. The Republican Party would be well rid of him. There is nothing wrong in being conservative, but fascist? I think not. As far as socialism goes, please tell me that no Republican avails themselves of Social Security, Social Security Disability, Medicare, welfare programs like food stamps, welfare, free lunch for their children and a myriad of other programs to assist all the people of these United States.

Daniel Olson

Registered Republican



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