Chautauqua Lake Board Of Education Thanks Those Working Hard

To The Reader’s Forum:

It is often said that in times of tragedy, in times of hardships and in times of uncertainty, when you stop and look, what you will find are your helpers. In June of 2020, Chautauqua Lake Central School set up a team of over forty people who were presented with the daunting task of creating a reopening plan for school, during an uncertain pandemic. This team was comprised of the district leadership team, faculty, staff, community members, board members and students who all shined as our communities “helpers” in these uncertain times. Not only did this team lay out a plan to open grades PK-12, five days a week with in-person instruction, but the school has made numerous changes weekly to remain open.

The Chautauqua Lake Board of Education would like to publicly thank not only that initial group of volunteers, but every Chautauqua Lake faculty and staff member who continue to work tirelessly to keep our students safe and in school. The district leadership team continues to look at each and every option, make adjustments and changes, revise and reform in order to keep the building open and in-person. With each change and revision, the Chautauqua Lake faculty and staff are being asked to change, adjust, pivot, plan, redesign and execute – at a moment’s notice. Every employee, from our bus driver’s to our buildings and grounds and maintenance crew to our cleaners, cafeteria staff, aides, teacher assistants, secretary’s, teachers or administrators who walk into work, are asked to do their job in a new way, every day. Our students are being educated, transported, fed, cared for, screened for health concerns and trained with various technology platforms daily. The Chautauqua Lake School Board could not be more proud of the effort and resilience that our district and community has demonstrated since March 2019.

The fall sports season, while different than any other season ever, brought our community a sense of normalcy and pride. Our students had the opportunity to play soccer, tennis or swim. We enjoyed two soccer teams that advanced to the sectional finals. We proudly acknowledge nine all stars from the men’s soccer team, seven all stars from the women’s soccer team, four all stars from the women’s tennis team, and two all stars from the women’s swim team. These unprecedented times continue to show us the heart, dedication, and the value of each member’s hard work that adds to the constant heartbeat of our school community.

The Board of Education cannot thank each member of our school system, our parents, our students, and our community enough for your dedication, commitment and care for our students. The Board of Education extends its gratitude to all Chautauqua Lake School employees. Chautauqua Lake is dedicated to learning from the past, meeting today’s challenges, and continuing to look, plan, strive, and excel for tomorrow.

Chautauqua Lake Board of Education

Amy Webb, Board President

Michael Ludwig, Board Vice President

Travis Bensink

Andrea Munsee-Wellman

Melissa Putney

Kenneth Shearer

Zachary Stahlsmith


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