Washington Street Traffic Lights Upset Driver

To The Reader’s Forum:

As driving across town on Washington Street yesterday, I was again appalled as I had to stop at Third, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth street signals. Imagine being a trucker hauling 40 or 45 thousand pounds of freight. Those vehicles are tough enough to drive without having to deal with timing idiocy. Even driving a pickup or car is frustrating enough. This problem has persisted through the good weather, but as we go into winter, picture that semi spinning up the hill, or worse yet, losing control downhill!

Secondly, in my opinion, even thinking about adding more parking meters and doubling the per-hour charge is a death wish shoved down the throats of the businesses and citizens of the area! Sales tax revenue, storefront occupancy and general well-being of the downtown areas will be destroyed! More empty stores and greater chance for the “face” of downtown area will suffer!

I think, Mr Mayor, that your idea should be rethought, or just adopt a hands off policy in a re-emerging area. Support downtown, don’t torpedo it, and please put a boot in the butt of the state DOT to get that signal system timed correctly!


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