Parking Meters Will Be End Of Main Street Business

To the Readers’ Forum:

If the smart meters are installed in the free zone, it will most likely be the end of the business left on Main Street.

We feel we have the right to put our two cents in because Landers has been on Main Street since 1952. We have owned it since 1980.

Parking should not be a money-maker for the city. It should be an enhancement for the businesses that are operating in the downtown.

The city hires companies to tell them how to fix parking. Why not ask us? We are here every day. No one from City Hall asks the business owners what is best for us.

It is hard enough to get shoppers to come downtown. If they charged a dollar an hour, how many will come?

Business is hard enough now. Why make it harder?

Clifford and Ann Powers,

Landers Men’s Store

215 North Main St.



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