Local Government Should Be Ashamed Of Its Greed

To The Reader’s Forum:

Just listen to those retired city employees whine!

Talk about two classes of citizens in this country, nobody who works in the private sector can come close to the benefits that government employees enjoy during their working days, let alone after retirement.

The private sector has to produce a profit or they’re laid off. The government just increases your taxes if they run short. Who in the private sector has ever heard of retirement after 20 years or a pension that you didn’t have to contribute to? Who in the private sector has ever heard of selling back your unused vacation? When it comes to healthcare in the private sector employees pay a portion of their healthcare during their working years and receive nothing when they retire.

I could go on and on but here is the sad truth, government employees are a debit on the income tax account. All they’re doing is recycling the tax dollars they were given in wages, benefits and retirement. The tax base in this country grows entirely from the private sector’s contribution where profits are taxed. Government employees may provide services, but the Gross National Product is value added by the efforts of the private sector.

The hole in the bottom of the tax bucket (the cost of government employees) is leaking out faster then the taxes flowing in the top of the bucket from the private sector. How much longer can government employees finance their exorbitant benefits before the bucket runs dry?

Shame on government and government employees for their selfish greed! Your healthcare after retirement should be your responsibility! Your driving the city and our country to bankruptcy!

Rick Thor



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