In This Country Everyone Has The Right To Express Themselves, Opinions

To The Reader’s Forum:

To the thieves who stole my candidate’s sign. This incident served to further convince me that the opposing political group is anti-free speech and expression in a country that was founded on this principle. It also was one of the reasons I registered to a new political party several years ago.

In this country, every single person should feel free to choose whatever political party he or she sees fit without judgment or ridicule from anyone who supports a different party or candidate or point of view.

And no one has the right to steal anything from anyone — period — including a political sign. I can only wonder what you do for a living, but I worked to pay for my sign. In addition, the sign was on my property so that you not only stole from me, you also trespassed.

You and yours are the lowest of the low.

Christine Wigren



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