Drive-By Rabies Clinic Is A Brilliant Idea

To The Reader’s Forum:

I recently took advantage of the free rabies clinic to assure proper protection of my two cats offered in the City of Jamestown. What a brilliant idea to offer this drive by clinic.

The pre-registration was processed by the City Clerk’s office where I was greeted kindly and given an appointment. Entry to the clinic was on Third Street meeting a person, checking my appointment and directed me to line up my vehicle to await my turn to see the veterinarian. My animal’s records were checked prior to the vaccinations. My cats were then taken from my car by staff to the garage where they received their vaccinations. I received proper documentation for their records. I simply exited to a driveway bringing me to the Sixth Street bridge.

What a brilliant idea this process is! A hassle free way to assure your pets are adequately immunized. In years past the clinics involved waiting in long lines on foot transporting your pet and trying your best to avoid confrontations with other various animals.

I applaud this new operation and hope it continues into the future.

Debra Basile



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