City Should Address Traffic Signals On Washington Street

To The Reader’s Forum:

Whoever sets the timing on the traffic lights cannot even pretend to care about global warming or air pollution, say nothing of wasting fuel.

The Washington Street traffic lights cause the driver to stop so that the coming light causes back up so drivers have a green light but cannot move forward without blocking the intersection. The only decent decision is to stay at your green light until the light ahead has turned, thus opening up an opportunity to move forward at the next red light, causing those behind to suffer the same dilemma.

Sound confusing?

It is. It is a waste of time, fuel and very frustrating. The city should address this and stop this nonsense.

Up the parking fees? Yup, that’s how we build up downtown Jamestown. Come on folks, let’s make our city user-friendly. There is no reason to add to the frustration and anxiety that is already making life in general difficult these days.

Elaine Forbes



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