The Presidential Debate Was Painful, Disgusting

To The Reader’s Forum:

The Presidential Debate held on Sept. 29 was painful and disgusting. Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted Joe Biden trying to speak in his time slot. Several times Moderator Chris Wallace requested that Donald Trump let Joe Biden answer the question asked of him without interference; to no avail. In response to Trump speaking out-of-turn, Joe Biden said, “Will you shut up man?”

Make no mistake, in this campaign Donald Trump has told us his plan for re-election. He wants to discourage people who might vote for the Biden-Harris ticket from going to the polls to cast their vote. His incendiary rhetoric, stated in military terms, urged “his people” to become poll watchers monitoring Democrats who will try to commit fraud at voting places. “Watch all the thieving and stealing and robbery they (Democrats) do,” he said.

Voters! Don’t let Donald Trump talk you out of voting this year with his scare tactics. This election is probably the most important election of your lifetime. For the decisions you make will reverberate for years and years to come, through all three branches of our American government. When you vote for your president of choice, you will choose one of two competing visions for our nation’s future. Please make sure you vote and give much thought to what your choice means for our country’s future.

Donald Trump has also said that if the election results do not favor him, he will take the issue to court. Friends, buckle your seat belts. We in for a bumpy ride for several months!

Roger Gilbert,



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