Thank You To Our Area’s Good Samaritans

To The Reader’s Forum:

On Aug. 10. I put my car in a ditch on Big Tree Road.

I want to thank Buteras for the amazing service. It only took 20 minutes for them to arrive and pull me out!

I want to thank the two gentlemen that stopped to check on me. One pulled in front of me while, at the same time, someone pulled in behind me.

Thank you to the young man who stopped; a Wegman’s employee who was so concerned for me.

Lastly, thanks so much to the woman who stopped and offered to let me sit in her vehicle to wait since it was such a hot day.

I’m impressed with how many people in our area are so friendly and helpful. I hope those involved read this so you will know just how grateful I am to you all.

Joyce Mosher,



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