The Name Of The Game Is To Win

To The Reader’s Forum:

American politics have always been a rough ride, and even our founders threw mud. The name of the game is to win. Our first president was spared the stump but those that followed weren’t wearing halos. Voters do not condone most of the behavior of today’s presidential candidates but for the most part, we tend to ignore it. The medium is the message, Marshall Mcluhan. It is all about optics. It is all about how the participant perceives the messages.

If the voter seeks out only one source and if that source takes a chorus of repetition, then that participant will be informationally deprived and unable to make a conscious decision. Now that we have left the industrial revolution and have been well established into the information age, our reaction to the media is vastly different. In today’s world, for the most part, the medium is all the message.

In the words of a song, honesty is now out of fashion, these are rigs of the times. We live in a virtual world that confuses the mind with what is true and what is not. Our world is a busy one, our time is rationed. Do we venture away from the screen into the world of actuality derived from other sources? Few do and few have time. This opens the door for the thieves of truth to enter. So let the receiver beware to those who peddle that which is untrue. For conditioning is afoot. The mind is so easily manipulated.

Audrey Shelgren



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