We Can Get To A Better Place Together

To The Reader’s Forum:

Michelle Malkin is trying to normalize white supremacy.

She has publically allied herself with white supremacists, appeared on white supremacist podcasts and defended holocaust deniers and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Why are you giving her a platform to do so in our hometown paper? Our country is trying to face our history of slavery, segregation, and the institutional racism that continues to this day — in access to banking and capital, hiring practices, schools, home buying, policing, the courts and sentencing. We are trying to engage in a truth telling about how this has impacted generations of Black Americans in our country. And we are trying to do better. Americans want to do better.

The Post-Journal should not aid and abet Michelle Malkin, or anyone else, who promotes white supremacy. I believe if we learn about our history, and face the abuse and violence that was perpetrated in the name of white supremacy, even around something as simple as voting rights, we can get to a better place that feels like equality, freedom and justice to all of us. Let’s not go backward.

Theodora Nelson

Bemus Point


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