Rep. Reed — Defend Our Postal System

To The Reader’s Forum:

Louis DeJoy the current Postmaster general is sabotaging our postal service in your 23rd Congressional District of N.Y. His independent and rogue actions are negatively impacting our constitutional right for a Post Office (Article 1, Section 8). He is not qualified for the position of postmaster master and has conflicts of interest due to his current and past financial investments.

As a resident of the 23rd Congressional District of N.Y., I am calling on Tom Reed to take swift and immediate action in the following ways:

¯ Investigate whether any of actions by Louis DeJoy have negatively impacted postal service in 23rd District of N.Y. is properly maintained to meet current and future demand, and timely delivery.

¯ Instruct all postal sites in 23rd district, in an open letter, to maintain all letter sorting machines and post office boxes in place, and to resist their removal by anyone (governmental or private), and to return to previous mail delivery route schedules without delay.

¯ Send an open letter to Louis DeJoy telling him that you are standing up for the people in the 23rd District of N.Y.and will not allow him to “go rogue” and negatively impact mail service for your constituents.

¯ Send an open letter to Donald Trump asking him to immediately fire Louis DeJoy immediately, and replace him with a bi-partisan approved postmaster general.

The U.S. Postal Service is a fundamental, non-partisan, democratic institution of which your constituents rely on daily, especially during these difficult times. This is your big chance to show all of your constituents that you have our backs and deserve to be our representative in Congress.

Eric James



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