Reader Supports Malkin Opinion Column

To The Reader’s Forum:

Readers are thankful that The Post-Journal has not succumbed to cancel culture virtue signaling demands to silence one of the few brave voices cognizant of the internal assault on our nation — Michelle Malkin.

Having retired from Chicago (20 years ago), I’ve watched intently the protracted destruction of that city at the hands of the cancel culture warriors, including Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the “Sunrise Movement.” These organizations — ultimately anarchist — are funded by George Soros and allies, as Malkin has documented in her articles and books. For opposing such things as ‘open borders’ (and most of the far left tenets of the Democratic Party), Malkin, daughter of Philippine immigrants, is attacked as a “white power” advocate.

Cancel culture supporters don’t want to know what’s going on along our borders and major cities, the stories that Malkin rigorously documents.

Roy Harvey



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