How Can Present-Day Jobs Stimulate Imagination?

To The Reader’s Forum:

When I take stock of present day events and reflect on how this is all going to pan out for the younger generation it seems dark for them.

How can present-day jobs in hospitality, ride sharing and selling legalized pot stimulate imagination? However, after yesterday’s lift-off my thinking did a 180 and I found myself jealous of the millennial and Z generations. Here is why.

President Kennedy’s Apollo Project transformed our economy in the 1960s just as President Trump’s Artemis Project will transform our economy in the 2020s and out. Rebuilding and transforming the U.S. economy to fully participate in creating an interplanetary space infrastructure for tomorrow will require the development of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce in many creative ways.

As all of this unfolds keep in mind Trump’s plan to rebuild the national infrastructure while he keeps the drive going to bring back industries which were outsources to Asia. Consider the possibility of a modern-day space CCC program based on FDR’s original Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)in the 1930s and the 1940s where 3 million were put back to work. Think of the logistics. Facilities like JCC and Fredonia could develop into space training hubs. Thousands of teachers and support will be needed. New technology will spring forth and so much more.

I am merely scratching the surface, but it all leads to a bright and secure life for 85 million young people.

Space — the final frontier. God is good.

Rex Willard



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