Careful Consideration Needed For Mask Use

To The Reader’s Forum:

I want to thank The Post-Journal for including Michelle Malkin’s articles.

I appreciate her courage to speak truth about the violence being allowed in our country and the freedoms being taken from non-violent citizens.

Mask wearing is a very controversial subject right now. There are times when wearing a mask is advisable, such as when working around the sick or when one has to be in public when ill. However, there are also negative consequences to wearing a mask. Controlled studies were conducted in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2019, and even in 2020 that concluded that masks are not very effective in preventing the spread of viruses.

N95 masks can cause headaches because of reduced oxygen and increased CO2 in the blood due to hindered breathing. Cloth masks retain moisture, and the moisture can lead to infection. If someone is already sick and wears the mask, the constant breathing back in of the germs can lead to other infections. Also people touch their masks often trying to adjust them or remove them to talk, drink, eat, or hang in their vehicle. All these activities bring many germs to the mask causing it to be unsanitary, defeating its purpose. Masks also hinder communication and hide smiles that can cheer up others.

Considering the many negative consequences of wearing a mask and the scientific studies concluding that they are not very productive in preventing the spread of influenza and colds, I am hoping and praying we will have the freedom to choose whether we want to wear them. We should, however, practice cleanliness, stay away from others when sick, and seek to boost our own immunity to help protect the spread of illnesses.

Lydia Samuelson



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