Be More Tolerant Of Other Viewpoints

Be More Tolerant Of Other Viewpoints

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am writing this note to serve as a warning to all readers of The Jamestown Post-Journal, and to all free citizens for that matter, of recent calls for censorship of free speech as requested by some uninformed persons.

Michelle Malkin is a respected and thorough investigator and reporter, whose style of reporting may disturb a few thin-skinned and delicate personae, but her column is necessary for a balance of opinions which The Post-Journal admirably displays (save for the AP articles). We are indeed fortunate to have in our small town such a responsible and balanced newspaper available in this day.

Attempting to silence or remove opposing views is a foundation of totalitarianism. Observe that naziism, communism,and fascism all have used this tactic to further their causes (eg the book-burnings of Nazi Germany). Today, we are witnessing the same exclusions, only updated to more technological mediums like the Internet.

Personally, if I don’t like what a writer is saying, I simply don’t finish reading the column, letting the author go on to their targeted audience. Readers, please be more tolerant of other viewpoints, and be respectful of our constitutional right of free speech.

Lyle Ostrander



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