Absolute Power In The Hands Of One Is A Threat To Democracy

To The Reader’s Forum:

In just a couple of weeks children will be returning to school in New York state for in-person instruction. Restaurants have reopened and people are shopping in stores and malls. Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association are playing games on a daily basis throughout New York. The NFL season will begin in less than a month in Buffalo. In just over two months millions of New Yorkers will be going to the polls to vote in the Presidential election.

New infection rates for COVID-19 are at or near a minuscule 1% on a daily basis.

Does any of this sound like an emergency? Absolutely not.

Yet, Governor Cuomo continues to retain emergency powers delegated to him by the New York State Legislature back in March. With the emergency now long over it is time for Governor Cuomo to relinquish those powers back to the legislature.

Should he refuse, the State Legislature needs to regain their statutory authority by passing legislation with a veto-proof majority.

Absolute power in the hands of one person is a threat to any democracy.

Tom Tarpley



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